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A meeting with a Ghost [PART 1}


Its been six weeks since I have shifted in my new apartment. I was so happy for this because I purchased it with my own money. I have earned that money and saved it just to get a separate and private apartment for myself.

The very first day when I was unpacking my stuff and arranging it on the big shelf which is just next to my bed, I thought that someone just ran outside the room. I clearly heard it’s footsteps and saw a shadow move from the corner of my eye. At first, I thought it was just my imagination as it was a new place for my mind and gradually it will all go away. One week passed and nothing else happened. I was now pretty sure that it was just my imagination and nothing else. On Thursday night, when I came home from the office, I placed my wallet, mobile phone and the car’s keys at the table and went to the washroom to get freshened up. Just after 15 minutes I came out and saw that my mobile phone wasn’t there. I remembered that I myself placed my phone there with all my things but now it wasn’t there. I went to my car just too see if I might have forgotten it in the car. I checked every other place but there was nothing. I was really tired and wanted to have some rest so I just came to my room, lye down on the bed and the very next moment I saw my mobile placed with my wallet and keys on the same table. Where it went? Where it came from? It is still a secret.
Well, the very same night I was sleeping when suddenly someone touched my back with it’s hand. That feel of touch was really soft but cold. I clearly felt the fingers like someone sleeping just next to me. When I looked back, there was no one. I knew that I wasn’t alone in this house. So I just closed my eyes, lying straight, pretending to sleep. The next moment I got a slap on the face. A really hard sleep that shook me from head to toe. It was also a really cold one. At first, I was so frightened that I wanted to shout out loud. But I knew it was of no use. So like a complete idiot, I stood up from me bed, began to see towards where that hand came from and said, “If you did anything more now, you even don’t what you will be facing then!”
Urdu Translation: “Ager tunay ab kuch kera na, phir dekhio mai kia kerta hu!

And I clearly had in mind what I will be doing next. I will just pickup my phone and will be running outside my house. YEA! THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT I WOULD DO.

What happened next?
The next part will be up soon. Follow my blog for the next part. Thanks.



Private Education OR Business?


Literacy rate of Pakistan was recorded 58% in 2013 and most of the literate population have now shifted towards Private institutions instead of government institutions. Schools nowadays have become some sort of a new business. If you are yourself a parent, then you know exactly what happens. The schools have started a new trend that one should register their child’s name for admission once he is 2-3 months old and then he can join when he is 2 years old. A man with an average salary will be in dual feelings. Happy & worried. Because he knows the expenses of private education in Pakistan.

It’s not just in schools, but the same goes in colleges and universities in Pakistan. Institutions are now just working to provide degrees to the students and not to make them perfectly able. They even charge for the admission forms they are distributing to the students whereas if we see the education institutions outside Pakistan, forms are available for free from the university and even online for students to apply from any part of the world. It all shows that they value education more than wealth. They know that there might be the next Einstein or Newton hidden in any of the student who can make something that can change the perspective of the World. Every eye has its own angle and ideas. But not in Pakistan. Every student is taught from the same book, the same syllabus which was being taught since the last thirty years. It’s so hard for a middle class man to pay for education expenses therefore i don’t think that the lower class man can even think of sending their child to a private education institute. Since now education is all about money in Pakistan, we are producing machines instead of ideas. Every machine has the same idea e.g. if we take science students, they know that FORCE = MASS x ACCELERATION. But why is it? SILENCE.


A child of class 4 asked his teacher that why 2+2=4 and not equal to 5? And the teacher instead of explaining him the rules of numbers, told him that what’s written in the book, memorize it or you won’t get good grades.

People in Pakistan are only thinking about good grades. And somewhere it is the mistake of our education institutions as well that they have increased the fees so much that student only thinks that if he will not get good grades, he will be wasting a lot of money. And therefore everybody is running for success and no one wants to get excellence. This would have made you remember that dialogue from the movie “3 idiots”

“Never study to be successful, study for self-efficiency. Don’t run behind success. Run behind excellence, success will come all way behind you.” – 3 idiots (movie)


Every student nowadays dreams of a six figured salary, own house, luxurious car and what not. And this is just because of these education systems. They charge too much that in the end students only want the return of their investment in their education and that will only come when they are successful. This is sad but this is the reality.



Bosnian Man travelled 5700Kms on-foot to perform Hajj

It is a bitter reality that most if us muslims only go to offer prayers in the Masjid regularly in the month of Ramadan. Having a masjid in the neighbourhood and on the call of Azaan, instead of going to offer prayers, we just lower the volume of any multimedia device we are using just for the respect of the religious prayer call.And then comes this great Bosnian muslim guy, who travelled 5700kms on-foot to Makkah to perform Hajj. It took a long duration of 314 days of walking through Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria an Jordan to the muslim holy city with a backpack weighing 20 kilos. His name is Senad Hadzic and he is 47 in terms of age. During his interview, he said,

“I walked in the name of Allah, for Islam, for Bosnia-Hercegovina, for my parents and my sister.”

The Hajj is one of the five main pillars of Islam and it is applicable to perform Hajj once in a lifetime on every muslim who is financially and physically able. This man is truly an inspiration for the muslims of the World that how one can travel to perform the religious duty no matter they are wherever in the World.

Hajj is applicable to every able muslim once in a lifetime but namaz is that pillar of Islam which is applicable in every condition then why do we leave the prayers infront of other daily routine work?

We should take this man as an inspiration that if he can travel six countries then why cannot we travel to that nearby masjid and offer prayers.


Street Crimes and how do we affect it

These days street crimes are becoming one of the common activities of people on streets. It is simply taken as the person to snatch the accessories of the people and get disappear in few seconds. The first thing that should be noted that street crimes are different from traditional crimes in the sense that they are mostly not committed by professional criminals. Researches have shown that a great rate of street crimes is being done by the young and poor just because of the poverty in their neighborhood. The lack of basic necessities of life force them to involve in such crimes.

The other main reason for this is the widening difference between rich and poor. In the past, rich people were very eager in helping poor people but now the situation is reversed. The ethical values have faded away from which the poor are getting poorer and rich are getting richer day by day.

Each single corner of Pakistan is affected from street crimes. Karachi is the most prominent name when it comes to street crimes. It is the city that was once known as the City of Lights but now it is known as the City of Crimes.

It is not just the poor, but the rich are also responsible for the increasing rate of street crimes. The habit of showing off of the rich; When the lower class people look at the beautiful cars, new advanced mobile phones, jewelry; their heartthrobs for these luxuries which they are not able to afford. Thus, they resort illegal means to acquire these luxuries.

The ratio of unemployment is also responsible for street crimes as a good majority of Pakistani people live below the poverty line which also fastens the crimes.

In order to bring an end to this, we must educate our society because literacy can make a strong and peaceful nation. CCTV cameras should be installed at all street corners to assist the police in catching of the culprits. The black sheep in the police force should be detected and serious actions should be taken against them. We need to revert back to the basics of Islam which include equality, justice, peace etc. and it will soon show the good results. ­

Don’t Judge


“Allah tm donou ki jodi salamat rakhe. Bus issi bat pay ye samosay khao beta..”
I was sitting with my girlfriend when he said this standing behind us. Many people would have ignored him like he was nothing but because he made HER blushed in front of me i became eager to talk to him.
He was a really great man and with him talking i never felt that he never went to school. He told that he has studied till class 8 and he had to leave his studies as his father passed away and he was the only man left in the family.
It was a very short talk with him because he knew that he was taking that precious time of the couple. Lol.

I will remember that advice he gave me when i asked to take his picture. He said, “Literate people like you will think that we are nobody. We are illiterate and we cannot do anything good. Everyone has a story, so don’t judge people without knowing them. Before judging someone you should walk with your feet in their shoes. You see this smile on my face? Its because i am happy with my work and i am not doing anything wrong.”

This man taught me the lesson DON’T JUDGE.

The 14 August Patriots


People saying these lines will now be writing I LOVE MY COUNTRY in bold letters. I think 14th August has now become only hashtag for us. Writing good things about Pakistan that we love it and we will die for it, and when its over the most heard lines are:

“Kuch nai rakha Pakistan mai..”

“Bus yar ab perhnay k liye bahir jana hai aur wahi settle hona hai..”

“Kuch nai hona is mulk ka..”

This made me remember the words of my childhood friend when he was about to permanently shift to Sweden 4 years back. When I asked him that why they were shifting from Pakistan as his father had a very big and stable business in Karachi. He answered me that he will be completing his studies and will live their till his retirement age and then will come to Pakistan when he will become old.

My message to my friend is that Pakistan does not need old people to be a part of it. We need our warm blooded young people to work within Pakistan for its prosperity. If you dont want to give your middle age to the country, then this pure soil also does not require your old dead body to bury under it.

Another example comes in my mind of my class mate who migrated from Afghanistan to Pakistan when he was just nine years old. He told me that no matter there were extremists in his country but Pakistan is still his second love. The love for his motherland Afghanistan will never be less. He wasn’t able to express that feeling, the feeling he got when he was forced to leave their country. If not, then just die!

And now back to the so-called patriots of our country. Firing bullets in the air, removing silencers from motor bikes and making hell of a noise. Is that what our independence is all about?

“SOHNI DHARTI ALLAH RAKHE” song played on loud speakers from Aug 10th to 14th and the very next day its “LARKI BEAUTIFUL KERGAI CHULL” song. Well, this song thing is what you desire to hear and its a very different thing. But the thing that saddens me alot when people use harsh words for Pakistan the whole year and MERA PAKISTAN MERI JAN on 14th August.

This is a bitter truth and is the main difference between under developed and prosperous countries.

Business is an old man job

I still remember Mr. Andrew Woods; my father’s business’s friend. He lives in London. Last year when he visited Pakistan, he was in a big shock. What he observed was very different from our perspective because we were a part of this society.

After meeting many people he observed that Pakistanis preferred business over office work. While explaining his point, he gave the example of my brothers. He said, “Nabeel, your brothers have joined your father’s business instead of doing a job”.

When I asked him that why he said that, he told that in England, business is considered as an old man job. Most of the people there, start their business after their retirement. While in Pakistan, people prefer having their own business instead of doing a job.

I dont know this is really a reality or not in UK but he made me clear with his perspective and now I surely agree that BUSINESS IS AN OLD MAN JOB.

Ramadan transmissions bringing bad for Pakistan

Recently, I watched a video clip of Wasim Badami’s ramzan transmission and i think you would have also watched it. In the video clip they showed the picture of our president Mamnoon Hussain to a girl and asked her to tell his name and the most amazing part is that she answered GENERAL RAHEEL SHAREEF. What type of nation is this? That we even don’t recognize our chief of army staff? the man who stands tall as ranked number one in the list of best military commanders of the World; that man who started the Zarb e Azab. 

But to be honest, if you don’t recognize Mamnoon Hussain then its a true thing. The person who comes out only on 23rd March and 14th August, what do you expect from the people of this nation then? 

Also, a girl was asked the abbreviation of NWFP and she didn’t knew. 

We have only four provinces and this girl is unaware of it. Such bad pictures of Pakistanis are being portrayed to the world the we don’t even know the names of our handful of provinces. 

They are promoting such a wrong culture that either you know the answer or not, you will get the prize. This is such a wrong approach that they are lowering down the expectation level of people that in the end they know that either I’ll be right or wrong, I’ll get the prize. The very next person sitting with him who studied his whole life is thinking that I also got the same prize as his, then what is the difference between me and him? 

Before Iftar, they invite an ill and poor person in their show and tell that he’s suffering from a disease that is slowly taking up his life and then they ask for donations for him. Whereas after Iftar, the situation turns on its head. The sad music is changed with the theme song of the game show. Sack race, eating jalebis tied to a thread, competition for wearing make-up and what not! For these games they have prizes including mobiles, electronics, gold, international travelling tickets, bikes, cars etc. But the thing is instead of spending money on these items, it should be given to that poor fellow so he can pay his treatment bills. 

What logic is this that you are saying to that poor guy that we have a lot of money for these useless games but we will ask for donations for your treatment.

Now the thing is, if we will not stand against these type of things happening in our Pakistan then who will? 

Instead of writing I LOVE MY PAKISTAN on 14th August, take a stand for your country’s pride. 

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